Meadowlark Engineering Services Management Ltd

Clean Room Design and construction

We have over the past few years built cleanrooms from class 10 to class 100000 with various height requirements.

The photographs show a typical cleanroom installation project. It was installed at Bath University, UK. The photos show Meadowlarks flexibility in supplying state of the art facility and services to front end technology and research institute

1- Cleanroom Operation

A clean room operates by recirculating air through sets of pre, medium and HEPA filters 30 or more times each hour. On each cycle the air is filtered to remove the dirt and dust particles.

The room is normally kept at a positive pressure over the surrounding area to ensure that any air leakage is from the room into the local environment and not the opposite. The room is a closed loop environment, the air is conditioned to control temperature, ventilation and if required, relative humidity. Fresh air is introduced to suit operating requirements and contaminated air can be extracted, ensuring that the internal conditions are maintained at all times.

The entrance to the room is normally through a lobby using insulated doors sitting within sealed frames.

Meadowlark Ltd design and build cleanrooms to suit customer requirements. Cleanroom validation wil be carried out by independent third parties where possible.

2- Cleanroom Features

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