Meadowlark Engineering Services Ltd

Meadowark Engineering Services Ltd specialise in the design, supply configuration and installation of fibre optic manufacturing equipment. Our installations include clean-rooms and we also provide supporting services and facilities for industry in general, but particularly the semicondoctor sector. Our expertise, which is comprehensive, is listed below.

Fibre Optic Production Equipment

Our staff have extensive experience with most of the optical fibre equipment available on the market. These include Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition (MCVD) equipment, drawing towers into cane and fibre, proof testers and rewinders and many more. We design and specify, and we install and commission this equipment.

Optical Fibre Production Support Services

We can design, supply, install and configure Chlorine delivery systems for example, with full auto purging facilities, oxygen de-methanators, nitrogen driers, water purifiers and quartz glass tube washers.

Cleanroom design and construction

We installed cleanrooms from class 100,000 to class 100. Sizes vary from 3m high to 20 m high, depending on customer need.

Environmental Services

We have designed and installed a variety of environmental gas and particulate scrubbing systems to control gas emissions to within legally permissible limits. These devices include packed scrubbing towers, and the latest venturi fluidic high efficiency gas and particulate scrubbing systems.

Acting on behalf of our customrs, we submit applications for process authorisation to the relevant body within the Environmental Agency,

Process Chilled Water

We have specified built and commissioned several chilled water plants for a variety of applications including furnace and process cooling. These range in capacity from 50Kw to 250 Kw and are complete with run / standby/ and emergency dc pumps for power failure.

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