Fibre Optic Equipment We Manufacture

Meadowlark Has a manufacturing facility for the following optical fibre equipment:

Optical Fibre Draw towers

Cane Drawing Towers

Polymer Fibre Towers

MCVD Equipment (Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition)

Optical Fibre Rewinders and Strain Testers

Fibre Samplers

Fibre concentricity monitors

Graphite furnaces “Resistance heating type”

Tube Pressure Controllers for PCF and cane pressure control.

Four Wheel Cane Puller:

Meadowlark manufactures cane pullers and tractor units. The cane pullers are fitted with tension monitoring load cell to enable the customer to measure drawn canes tension. The cane pullers are fitted with adjustable pneumatic belt tension for various draw processes and tensions. In the photo the cane puller is mounted on a single beam extrusion tower frame. These tower frames are used when customer space is very limited.

Capstan with tension monitoring:

Meadowlark supplies two capstan sizes to suit customer applications. Large wheel capstans are mainly used for drawing large diameter fibres. The associated drum winders are equipped with dancer and torque winding tension control

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